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About the training

In its fifth edition in Brazil, this is a unique Mindfulness Teacher Training designed to offer a exclusive approach to Mindfulness, blending neurosciences with mindfulness theory and arts. This training intend to expand the standards established by traditional mindfulness protocols, such as MBSR and MBCT. Its method is supported by a mixed team of scientists, artists and ecology experts headed by Tamara A. Russell, PhD., Honorary lecturer at King's College London and director of Mindfulness Centre of Excellence (MCoE). Including mindfulness, neuroscience, self-compassion, somatic techniques with scenic sciences (art, performance, creativity) this is a mindfulness teacher training for those seeking to expand the real scope of Mindfulness in Society.

*VIDEO IN PORTUGUESE (we are working on English Subttitles)

This is a 3 years long teacher training (basic, intermediate and advanced modules), with one immersive face-to-face meeting (module) per year, conducted by Dr Tamara Russell (King's College / UK) and her Brazilian team of multi-experts. The Basic Module takes place in São Paulo along 5 days, and Intermediate and Advanced modules take place in Porto Alegre / RS. Between each module, you will receive guidance, support materials and specific supervision with the team of instructors. Casa do Horto and Iniciativa Mindfulness brings this proposal to the public because we bet on training professionals of excellence in the field of Mindfulness, so that the specific content is integrated with knowledge about the body, movement and the processes of creativity and compassion. Professionals with previous training in other protocols are welcome!

Exclusive Method

Imagine a deep scientific mindfulness training, based on neuroscience and psychology, with ethical and clinical responsibility. Add to that music, art, dance, theatre, creativity, healthy eating and immersion with nature. Can you Imagine? So come on! It is a unique experience!



After completing the 3 modules and all the tasks programed you will receive a Neurocognitive Foundations Mindfulness Teacher certificate signed by the Mindfulness Center of Excellence (United Kingdom) and the Iniciativa Mindfulness (Brazil). Therefore, you will have an international training certification. This certification will enable you to conduct lectures, workshops, groups and various works with Mindfulness in the context of promoting quality of life and creativity. It will also give you a better expertise of neuroscientific language, as long as you commit yourself and complete the necessary tasks between modules. Their work can be adapted to the health, school and corporate environments, depending on their professional performance. This training does not enable the teaching of mindfulness to train other instructors or for you to practice clinical practice with mindfulness practices.

Main infos

Dates: november 2020
Venue: Espaço Natureza Arco-íris
Enrollment: click here
DATES: november 2020
Venue: Casa de Retiro - Vila Betânia
Enrollment: click here
Tamara Russell, PhD.

main teacher

Our main teacher will be director of MCoE and honorary lecturer at IoPPN (Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurosciences) at King's College London, Dr. Tamara A. Russell. Having published numerous scientific articles, in addition to two published books (one with a Portuguese translation), Prof. Tamara recently had her projects listed as a treatment reference by the Institute of Psychology at the University of Oxford. To find out more about it, you can access the Mindfulness Center of Excellence (MCoE) website or information on the INICIATIVA MINDFULNESS website.
Tiago Tatton, PhD.

assistant teacher

Tiago Tatton-Ramos is one of the most experienced Mindfulness instructors in Brazil. He is the co-founder of INICIATIVA MINDFULNESS, a pioneer  mindfulness institute in Brazil. Currently, he´s one of Dr. Russell main colaborators and he studied abroad with renowned meditation instructors in the world (Maria Noel Anchorena, Michael Chaskalson, Vidyamala Burch, Susan Woods, B. Alan Wallace, Mark Williams, etc.). He is a psychologist, with masters degree in Religion Studies, PhD in Psychology and completed a post-doctoral internship in the department of medicine (UFRGS-Brazil). During his years of study, he researched the effectiveness of the Body In Mind Training in students and anxiety patients. 
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Clarissa Alminhana, BIOL, M.Ed.

teacher - multiexperts team

has a life dedicated to research and practice of self-awareness and human development. She is a biologist, master in Education and Mindfulness instructor certified by the Mindfulness Center of Excellence. His training in the field of Deep Ecology at Schumacher College / UK differential in its approach: it helps people to find themselves, with others and, on a deeper level, with LIFE through maintaining presence. I'm a founder Casa do Horto and a member of the Mindfulness Initiative - a pioneer in Brazil. It is part of teaching staff of International Training for Mindfulness Instructors and conducts numerous Quality of Life Programs Based on Mindfulness by BMT (Body In Mind Training ©). She is Helena Flor's mother and tries to live this practice of presence every day.
Matheus Rhomero, BA Phys Ed.

teacher - multiexperts team

Mr. Rhomero is a physical educator and professional actor,  graduate at The Commedia School / Denmark - where he studied physical theater, improvisation, Clown, Feldenkrais and mimecry. He is also a facilitator of BioFlow technique and is under training at the School for Body Mind Centering (R) in Brazil. While living in UK he facilitate Mindfulness and arts workshops, being a student of Prof. PhD. Tamara A. Russell (King´s College London). Member of the art center of Instituto Visão Futuro-SP and of the theater companies VerDeImproviso and Pia Fraus and founder of Casa do Horto / SP. An experient meditator for over 20 years.
Daniela Araújo, PhD.

teacher - multiexperts team

Daniela Araújo is a co-director of the Brazilian Center for Mindful Eating. She is an Eat for Life and MB-EAT mindful eating teacher and supervisor, and and ME-CL 1 mindful eating teacher. She is an accredited  and certified mindfulness teacher and supervisor in Neurocognive Foundations for Mindfulness Teachers by the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence - Iniciativa Mindfulness - Casa do Horto.  PhD in Social Sciences and MA in social Anthropology, doing research in eating disorders since 2001. Has been working with narrative practices and eating difficulties with individuals, families, groups and institutions since 2010. Was a lecturer in anthropology at the University of auckland (Aotearoa New Zealand). Member of the team that founded and implemented the GETA - Interdisciplinary Group for Assistance and Research on Eating Disorders at the State University of Campinas. Member of Endangered Bodies International and Endangered Bodies São Paulo.
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